49th Annual Parade

August 27, 2017

Parade starts at 1pm at the corner of Temple and Risley St

Line Up

Risley Street                                                                  Temple Street
2. Fredonia Farm Festival Banner     1. Chautauqua Co Mounted
5. Sheridan Fire Dept                               3.Grand Marshall
7. Politicians                                                4. Fredonia Fire Dept
11. Norman Yonkers                                 6.Sheridan Fire Dept
13. Collage Performing Arts                 8.Fredonia Farmers Market
14. Fredonia Cub Scouts                          9.Chadwick Bay Buccaneers
18. E.DA.CO Eclectic Dance Co.           11. Steve Lahnen
19. Danza                                                       12. Alzheimer’s Assoc, WNY
Dunkirk elks “corner”                            15. Forest Lodge #166
                                                                           16. Rubbermade Brigade
                                                                           17. Cassadaga Job corps Ac.

-Parade lineup is on August 27, 2017 at 12pm. Parade starts at 1pm promptly.   Please be advised that no vehicles are allowed on Risley St. and that walkers are to be dropped off at the corner of Risley St. and Center St. For more information contact Rich Peebles at 716-785-0795.